Impact Strategy Program

Impact Strategy Program

Welcome to our 12-week impact program for forward-thinking organisations to embed ESG and sustainability at the heart of business.

Certified impact experts and leadership team

Sianne Haldane

Chief Impact Officer

Sianne works closely with Maanch’s clients to help them understand, project, track and report their impact, ensuring our solutions are meeting their needs to become impact evangelists! Sianne believes that relationships are the linchpin in driving positive change and it is with this philosophy that she leads our client services to drive positive impact.

Sianne is an experienced lawyer who has worked in the impact sector for several years, working with multinational corporations and not for profits on CSR strategies and partnerships.

Komal Agarwal

Head, Corporate Impact Solutions

Komal is a Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary and has also studied Sustainability & Circular Economy at the Cambridge Judge Business School. She has previously worked with the Big 4 accounting firms in India and has 7 years of experience across the spectrum of business strategy & reporting, taxation, and auditing. At Maanch, Komal works with our corporate clients to accelerate their sustainability journey and become net positive – addressing how and where to innovate, stimulate and reinvent processes to adapt best practices.

She is also certified in Ind-AS, Forensic Audit and Business Responsibility & Sustainability Reporting by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

Susie Steyn

Corporate Partnerships Manager

An experienced lawyer and business sustainability consultant, Susie helps corporates to achieve their purpose, while balancing their impacts on people and the planet.

Previously, Susie headed up Social Investment for an international bank and asset manager for 5 years, shaping strategy, as well as developing, marketing and reporting on award-winning community empowerment programmes. Susie holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Business Sustainability Management from Cambridge, in ESG investing from the CFA Institute and MBA Essentials from LSE.

Susie is passionate about diversity and inclusion, education and social entrepreneurship.