Impact Strategy Program

The Maanch 12 week Impact program is a unique Impact induction for ambitious organisations to embed sustainability at the heart of your business. Impact is complex – our program based on Net Societal Impact (NSI) helps create a common understanding of your organisational impact and how it aligns with your corporate purpose. In this programme you will be empowered to assess your current impact and enabled to develop a strategy to improve it. 

By working with a cohort of representatives from other businesses the participants will learn from each other and from the Maanch impact experts. The cohort offers a unique opportunity to access expertise and services valued up to £70,000 for a fraction of the price making sustainability and impact transformation accessible to a much larger audience who would not be able to pay for pricey consultants and bespoke support. 

When joining this program participants will be guided by Maanch impact experts, and empowered to assess and accelerate your business impact using the same system Maanch Impact experts use. By the end of the 12 weeks you will have gone through the same process as if you had hired sustainability consultants and have produced an Impact Strategy report, guided by experts in the field. Not only will Maanch support you developing this report, we will also make sure you are ready to Activate it and implement the changes necessary.