Impact Strategy Program

Impact Strategy Program

Introducing our 12-week Impact Program for forward-thinking organisations to embed ESG and sustainability at the heart of business.

Enrol for the Impact Strategy Program

Create a bespoke Impact Strategy for your business

Our certified impact experts will lead the class and navigate through complex ESG criteria using the same guidelines and frameworks we use for our consulting & advisory clients. By the end of the 12 weeks, you will have experienced the same processes as with a bespoke sustainability consultant. 

Each cohort will comprise of representatives from different businesses and industries, making it a diverse, inspiring and learning rich experience. This is a unique opportunity to avail expertise and services valued up to £70,000 for a fraction of the price, making sustainability and impact transformation widely accessible without paying hefty consulting fees.

With the support of our impact experts, you will be enabled to create an Impact Strategy Report for your organisation, with a complete analysis of your organisation’s environmental and social impact. We ensure end-to-end guidance to make sure you are ready to activate the impact learnings and recommendations across your business.

What you will learn

How and why impact matters for businesses and how it affects the bottom line.
The tools to make the business case for sustainability, internally and externally.
Skills to engage internal teams to support the impact and sustainability agenda.
To integrate sustainability across your organisation’s value chain to ensure long-term resilience and value creation.
An understanding of commonly used impact and sustainability terms including the UN SDGs, ESG, Net Societal Impact (NSI) and more, along with the skills and knowledge to apply them readily.
To make an assessment of your current business impact according to the NSI framework of People, Planet, Prosperity and Partnership. Align KPI’s with other regulatory frameworks like GRI, TCFD, SFDR, B Corp etc

Tangible outcomes to put your learnings to action

Templates, tools and technical knowledge to put your learnings to action, enabling you to create your impact roadmap in real time.

Impact Assessment

A diagnostic tool for your business to gauge the current level of impact maturity and set goals for the future.

Impact Strategy

Benchmark your organisation against other players in the same sector and set goals accordingly.

Impact KPIs

Bespoke impact strategy report with relevant KPIs across your core operations, prioritised into quick wins, medium-term steps and longer-term projects.

Modules breakdown

Module 1

Week 1-3

Introduction to Business Impact

Module 2

Week 4-6

Prepare for Impact Assessment

Module 3

Week 7-9

Net Societal Impact Assessment

Module 4

Week 10-12

Creating your Bespoke Impact Strategy

Certified Impact Experts and Leadership team

Sianne Haldane

Chief Impact Officer

Sianne works closely with Maanch’s clients to help them understand, project, track and report their impact, ensuring our solutions are meeting their needs to become impact evangelists! Sianne believes that relationships are the linchpin in driving positive change and it is with this philosophy that she leads our client services to drive positive impact.

Sianne is an experienced lawyer who has worked in the impact sector for several years, working with multinational corporations and not for profits on CSR strategies and partnerships.

Komal Agarwal

Head, Corporate Impact Solutions

Komal is a Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary and has also studied Sustainability & Circular Economy at the Cambridge Judge Business School. She has previously worked with the Big 4 accounting firms in India and has 7 years of experience across the spectrum of business strategy & reporting, taxation, and auditing. At Maanch, Komal works with our corporate clients to accelerate their sustainability journey and become net positive – addressing how and where to innovate, stimulate and reinvent processes to adapt best practices.

She is also certified in Ind-AS, Forensic Audit and Business Responsibility & Sustainability Reporting by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

Susie Steyn

Corporate Partnerships Manager

An experienced lawyer and business sustainability consultant, Susie helps corporates to achieve their purpose, while balancing their impacts on people and the planet.

Previously, Susie headed up Social Investment for an international bank and asset manager for 5 years, shaping strategy, as well as developing, marketing and reporting on award-winning community empowerment programmes. Susie holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Business Sustainability Management from Cambridge, in ESG investing from the CFA Institute and MBA Essentials from LSE.

Susie is passionate about diversity and inclusion, education and social entrepreneurship.

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Embed Impact across your Business

Introducing Net Societal Impact (NSI), a 3-step approach to holistic impact, including Impact Advisory, Impact Masterclass and an Impact Dashboard for tracking and measurement.